Thumbnails of Higher Runcorn

"Higher Runcorn" was, and still is, an area which lay approximately 1 Km. south of the main township. It consisted of some large houses, a couple of farms with orchards. Fields separated it from "Runcorn", to which it was joined by two tracks which became "Greenway Road" and "The Holloway". The south side of the present "Moughland Lane" also had large houses along its south side. By the 1880's housing was already beginning to spread up Greenway Road to eventually join Runcorn and Higher Runcorn together.

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Highlands Road Runcorn in 1928 Highlands Road in 1907 ,Runcorn Highlands Road,Runcorn Greenway Road Runcorn, 1955 Moughland Lane, Runcorn, 1908 Greenway Road Greenway Road, Runcorn The Slide, Runcorn, 1955 The Slide ,Runcorn The Slide,Runcorn Brookfield Farm,Runcorn Brookfield Farm,Runcorn Higher Runcorn Higher Runcorn Higher Runcorn The War Memorial,Runcorn Weston Road,Runcorn 1918 Weston Road,Runcorn 1928 The Heath,Runcorn 1904 The Park,Runcorn 1907 The Park,Runcorn 1905 Runcorn from Weston Road Weston Road,Runcorn The Hill,Runcorn The Hill,Runcorn Water Pumping Station Runcorn