"The Heath, Runcorn, in 1905"

The Heath,Runcorn

(This is a black and white version of this postcard.)

Today, this is the Heath Park Lake. It is a leasure ammenity used for model boats. It had started out in the 19th.C. as a storage lake for the Runcorn water supply. The water came out of a nearby well, which is now filled in. All the trees are now fully grown and the opposite side of the road has houses running up it.

The extra writing on the bottom below the picture reads:
I went to this place on Saturday morning with Mrs. Coventry and Mr. Wood. It was a lovely walk. I wish you were here. I am sure you would like it. Good night


The message reads:-

Dear Tina,
I have just got your card. Did you like the letter, not so short was it. Could you get me one of the 1d. hair nets.(One old penny pre-decimalisation) It will be best to come home in. Tom came home today (Monday). He does not look well. He has been running about with that bike too much. I am going to Gillian's tomorrow and to a concert in the evening. Aunty Lizzie has just called, she looks well. I am going there on Thursday - I think. Will let you know tomorrow later on which day I shall come. Then we can have CAKE.)