"Higher Runcorn 1905 and today"


This view is of the top of the Holloway where it meets Weston Road (centre of the picture). The house on the right appears the same today. (Place your mouse on/off the picture to see the before/now scenes) It, or the house just below it and off the picture was "Higher Runcorn Farm".The old farmhouse can be seen in the modern picture of the scene(?).
The wall behind the girl standing almost in the center of the picture has been rebuilt further back than it appears in 1905, as can be seen in the modern picture. The road immediately off to the right was called "Cock and Hen Lane". This led off to Weston Point past Crofton lodge (now disappeared). When the area was developed as a housing estate after the second world war it became "Westfield Road".
The height of the wall to the left of the picture has also been reduced and some modern housing built, but one very old house, hidden behind the trees here, still stands.


The message reads:-

Hearty good wishes for a bright & prosperous New Year
From Mr.& Mrs. J.F.Moulton
Runcorn 31/12/05

By sheer coincidence it was exactly 100 years to the day after this postcard was written and sent that I set up this web page!
J.R.Bullock 31/12/2005