"Runcorn Hill and Weston Road"

Weston Road,Runcorn

This is the same view as the previous one, but the photo is a little clearer. Again, ploughed fields on the far left of this photo indicate the still rural atmosphere here. The older quarries are here piled high with the accumulated spoil from the newer quarries. The line of Weston Road can be seen and in the trees, centre, can be seen the roof of "Beaconsfield" once the home of Thomas Hazlehurst. "Beaconsfield" has gone, but the other houses shown here are still there. The wall along the left-hand side of the road is still as in this picture. The lines rising up off the background are marks on the card and not tall masts!
From the rather poor postmark this postcard appears to have been sent in the 1920's


The message reads:-

Dear Nora, got your Mother and Granny letter. I had a letter from John this morning, he was at the football match on Saturday. How is your little arm, I do hope it won't be very sore and soon gets better. You will have to keep it very quiet, hope your Daddy and Mother are both well, also your Granny having a nice time best love to you all from your Aunty Jen. XXXXXXXXX