"The Heath, Runcorn, in 1907 and today"

Town Park lake

This postcard seems to be a drawing rather than a photograph! The seated figure is almost a "Lowry" type! A children's playground now occupies a lot of the grassed area, which has expanded by the removal of the bank of quarry waste seen to the left of the house in the left-of-centre, which itself was demolished in the 1970's and replaced by a bungalow. This bank of waste was the targets for the local Runcorn Volunteer Rifle Brigade in the 1800's, before the lake was dug there. Lots of houses now occupy the area on the opposite side of the road (Park Road).

(Place your mouse on/off the picture to see the before/now scenes).


The message reads:-

My dear Jenny,
I had a PC (postcard) from Eliza this morning, asking me if I be kind enough to send you a PC so I thought you would like one of the park. I hope you will like it & how are you getting on? Give my love to Eliza and Ethel. Please send me a PC.
with best Love
Lily Edwards