Greenway Road, Runcorn, then and now.

Highlands Road

Looking down Greenway Road from the position of the railway bridge which passes over the main London-Liverpool line. The cemetary is on the right, and the rather prominent building in the distance (centre) is the "Lion" public house. This view is almost exactly the same today but many of the small shops on the left-hand side of the road are no longer in business. Norman Road goes off to the right here.

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The message reads:-

The trees on the right are in the cemetary. Greenway Road is one of the main streets of Runcorn . The road in the foreground to the right leads to our meadows where we play. It's called Norman Road.
Lots of love, Jean XXX

(The "meadows" are all houses now! Sadly, no adress to where this PC was to be sent, probably was inside a letter?.)