The following is a list of Churches, Chapels, and other Places of Worship, both present and past, in Runcorn & District.

The reference number is taken from the Local History Classification Catalogue of the Society and enquiries via the website should please quote the reference number.

Details of the individual places will be added to the website over the next few months so if the one you want is not immediately available please bear with us – this is a major task. The ones available on the website are shown coloured and underlined.

11.02.01 All Saints, Runcorn
11.02.02 Holy Trinity
11.02.03 All Saints, Daresbury
11.02.04 St. Michael and All Angels
11.02.05 St. John, Weston
11.02.06 Mission Church, St. John, Weston
11.02.07 Christ Church, Weston Point
11.02.08 St. Mary, Halton
11.02.09 Halton Castle Chapel
11.02.10 Christ Church, Castlefields
11.02.11 St. Peter, Aston
11.02.12 St. Mark, Hallwood
11.02.13 St. Andrew, Grange
11.02.14 St. Bertolin & St. Christopher
11.02.15 Mariners Mission, Irwell Lane
11.02.16 Newtown Mission
11.02.17 St. Peter's Mission, Station Road
11.02.18 Cooper Street Mission
11.02.19 Mission, Preston on the Hill
11.02.20 Milner Institute, Moore
11.02.21 Watermen's Chapel, Preston Brook
11.02.22 Cornerstone Chapel
11.02.23 Mill Brow Mission
11.02.24 Seamen's and Boatmen's Mission
11.02.25 Floating Chapel
11.03.01 Regent Street Chapel
11.03.02 Greenway Road Methodist
11.03.03 Clifton Methodist
11.03.04 Union Street Methodist Mission
11.03.05 Primitive Methodist, Preston on the Hill
11.03.06 St. Paul's, High Street
11.03.07 Brunswick Chapel
11.03.08 Halton Road Methodist
11.03.09 Camden Methodist
11.03.10 Wesleyan Zion, Frederick Street
11.03.11 Wesleyan, Weston
11.03.12 Wesleyan, Weston Point
11.03.13 Trinity Methodist Halton (1st church)
11.03.14 Trinity Methodist Halton (2nd church)
11.03.15 Methodist Ellesmere Street
11.03.16 Wesleyan Windmill Brow
11.03.17 Aston Methodist
11.03.18 St. Matthew, Methodist, Grange
11.03.19 Laburnum Grove Methodist
11.03.20 Wesleyan Preston Brook
11.03.21 Wesleyan Sutton Weaver
11.03.22 Wesleyan, Moore
11.03.23 Heath Methodist
11.03.24 St. Paul's Methodist, Russell Road
11.04.01 Catholic Windmill Street
11.04.02 St. Edward R.C.Irwell Lane
11.04.03 St. Edward R.C., Ivy Street
11.04.04 St. Martin
11.04.05 Holy Spirit
11.04.06 St. Augustine
11.04.07 Our Ladies
11.05.01 Huntingdonian Chapel, Trinity Lane
11.05.02 St. Luke's Congregational
11.05.03 Bethesda, High Street
11.05.04 Bethesda, Palace Fields
11.06.01 Presbyterian, St. John Street
11.06.02 St. John Presbyterian, Victoria Road
11.07.01 Baptist, Bridge Street
11.08.01 Welsh Calvinistic, Trinity Lane
11.08.02 Welsh Calvinistic King Street
11.08.03 Welsh Calvinistic Rutland Street
11.09.01 Elim Pentecostal
11.09.02 Brook Chapel
11.09.03 Vale Chapel
11.11.01 Wicksten Drive Christian Centre
11.11.02 Salvation Army
11.11.03 Jehovah's Witnesses
11.11.04 Mormons
11.11.05 Gospel Mission, Ashridge Street, later Spiritualist Church.
11.11.06 Church Army
11.11.07 Murdishaw Ecumenical Centre
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