Our Published Journals

The Front Cover and Index page of the two published Journals of the Runcorn and District Historical Society. The pages are actually A4 (29.8 cm x 21.1 cm) size.

Runcova Volume 1 (2007) Contents

1 Six generations of Watermen.
Family history Percy Dunbavand (1982, revised 2006)

6 Brewers maltsers and Breweries in Victorian Runcorn
RDHS archive report - Alex Cowan (2002)

8 Runcorn Pubs
RDHS archive report - Alex Cowan ( 2002)

10 Notes on the licensing system
RDHS archive report Alex Cowan (2002)

12 Bridge Street
Some historical observations - Ray Miller (2006)

14 William Rowland
a profile of a seafarer and shipbuilder- Percy Dunbavand and Ray Miller (2005)

20 The proposed park for Runcorn
Article reporting on the "ornamentation process"of the new Park at Runcorn heath . (Runcorn Weekly News - 23.03.1901)

22 The Johnson brothers
"The forgotten founders of Runcorn" Alex Cowan from an original in the catalyst Museum by Mark Frost (1987)

27 Church Lane, a portrait of a Runcorn Street
article describing a walk there in 1875 - Willy Harrop (Runcorn weekly News 14/11/1945)
and responses to "Church Lane" article (Runcorn weekly News 23/11/1945 to 30/11/1945)

30 Death and Funeral of Mr Richard Abel
obituary report of local businessmen, founder of Abel's boatyard. (Runcorn weekly News 26/4/1902)

32 Local Memoranda
article about Runcorn public life 1853 -William Handley (Runcorn Guardian 4/4/1903)

34 List of books about Runcorn still in print
compiled by Alex Cowan (2006)

38 Notes on authors and sources

Runcova volume 2 (2009) Contents

1. The Early History of Libraries in Runcorn
Local History - Peter I Vardy (200?)

4. The Upper Mersey Navigation
A Local Historical Sketch- Percy Dunbavand (200?)

7 Runcorn Town Canal Warehouse
Bridgwater Canal- William E Leathwood (200?)

8 Time Was
Childhood Memories - Peter Johnson (2007)

12 Streets Ahead
Extracts on the Growth and the Naming of Runcorn Streets- Alex Cowan (2007)

17 People and Places and a Focal Point
The Old Weekly News Offices in High Street- Ray Miller (2008)

20 "Wish You Were Here?"
A Selection of Old Runcorn Postcards - Diane Stanley (2009)

26 Local Poems written by Sybil Mitchell
Introduced by Elaine Garner (2008)

28 Heath House
A Brief History of a Lost Treasure- Ray Miller (2008)

30 Sure and Steadfast
A Personal View of the Runcorn Scouting Movement - Geoff Crompton (2008)

34 Memories of Granville Street School, Runcorn
By a Former Pupil - Peggy Thorniley (2008)

36 Runcorn War Memorial
World War I and World War II- Elaine Garner (2008)

40 Runcorn Golf Club Ltd
The History of a Local Institution - George E. Povey (2007)

43 Tommy Burns 75 Foot Dive from Bridge
extracted from the book "Into the Crucible" - by Jean M Morris- Ray Miller (2007)

44 Bygone Runcorn Scenes
A Trip on the Bridgwater Canal in 1780 - William Handley, 25th of December (1907)

47 Notes on authors and sources

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