Bridge Street and Fountain in 1905 and 2006, Runcorn

The lower end of Bridge Street shows shops on the right hand side, the then police station immediately on the right. This had been the Town Hall before becoming the Police Station. Behind the head of the man crossing the road is the fountain, standing on the line of the old Sprinch brook which had been Runcorn's water supply in the medieval period. It survived until the 1950's when it was demolished for road widening. Everything done in the name of progress at that time removed all the old character of the town. The building furthest away is the old Market Hall, now a swimming pool. In front of the Market Hall to the left is an old farm house. It became "Handley and Becks" ironmongers, but this business closed on this site in the 1970's. The shops to its left has now gone. Above all towers the Holy Trinity Church. Shame that the card was written over like this, and it is unreadable in parts.

(Place your mouse on/off the picture to see the before/now scenes)

The reverse side of this postcard had not been used, and is not displayed