The Parish Church and Runcorn

Parish Church and town, Runcorn

This view from the railway bridge shows the waste left by the construction of the Manchester Ship Canal on the Runcorn waterfront. This was before the transporter bridge had been erected, say between 1892 and 1902. The present Mersey Road wasn't constructed until the 1920's. The spit of land which veers off towards the canal in the foreground is the remains of a rail track used to transport excavated material across the line of the canal and dumped on the river side of it. The river ferry is still trading with the boat tied up at the landing stage. Passengers were rowed across the 9m. (30ft) deep canal. They then had to scramble over the sea wall and into another ferry boat to be taken over the Mersey itself to Widnes. The second group of buildings to the left of the church is "Belvedere", the old guest houses where people stayed when Runcorn was a spa and watering place in the early 19th. C. These buildings remained standing until the 1960's when they were replaced by the Churchill Mansions tower block. In the background are the chimneys of the Hazlehurst's and Johnson's factories

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