Railway Station , Runcorn

Runcorn railway station

Another view of the old Runcorn railway station. This is an actual photo and not a postcard. This view is taken looking in the direction of Liverpool. The train is stopping on the "up" line i.e towards London. It is probably a local train going to Crewe. Notice the water filling station at the far end of the left hand platform with its flexible rubber pipe.

In the very early days of rail, passengers had to travel a few miles out of the town to get a train on the Cheshire Lines running from Chester to Manchester. Then in the mid 1800's the railway bridge over the Mersey was built to give a direct route from Liverpool to London. Then Runcorn got its railway station where it is today, well not quite where it is today. The original station building was some 100yds more towards the railway bridge than its modern replacement is. This can be seen in the position of the bridge over the road which can be seen on the right of this picture. The modern station buildings are on this side of the road bridge. The platforms are now far longer than they were in this photo