Market Hall 1950 to 2002

Old Market Hall ,Runcorn

This view of the Market hall lying between High Street and Church Street was probably taken in the late 1950's or early 1960's. The bus station, part of which is the open area to the right of the photo, was demolished in the late 1960's to make way for the new "busway" which was meant to give all public transport its own roads. 40 years later and this section of the "busway" and its bus station has been replaced, again at great expense. The market hall itself lasted until about 2002, when it too, becoming run down, was replaced by a new market hall, only half the size of the one it replaced. This new market has now been closed and the building converted to a public Library and an access point for Council services.

The reverse side of this postcard had not been used, and is not displayed