Waterloo Road, Runcorn, 110 years ago and today.

Waterloo Road, Runcorn

A road scene little changed today. The building on the right was formerly Waterloo House, once the home of Charles Hazlehurst. It became Town hall from 1884-1932. Below it is the Technical Institute. In 2006 both these buildings are in danger of being demolished. At the bottom of Waterloo Road the transporter bridge is being built, but is this once again an artists sketch on an older photo? The bridge looks too "fine" to be real! Note the "1 HP" vehicle!

A hundred years later the transporter bridge has gone, cars replace the horse, Waterloo House is empty, and the Technical Institute has been demolished, but the left-hand side of Waterloo Road is largely unchanged.

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The reverse side of this postcard had not been used, and is not displayed