High Street , Runcorn, about 1910 and today.

This view of Runcorn High Street probably dates from about 1910-1920. The Palace Theatre,on the right, later to become the "Scala" cinema and then a "bingo" hall, has now (2014) been demolished , with Macks "Books and Stationers" alongside it. Then the building which is now the "Bank Chambers" public house. At this time is still had a small railed-off garden at the front. Lower down still is the Salvation Army Citadel, now the site of the Lloyds bank. On the left hand side, most of the buildings until the "Holyhead Harbour" remain today, the site of the "HH" is now the HSBC bank. Below that one or two buildings remain but the rest have gone, as have many on the right hand side where the road is seen to sweep to the left at "Lea's corner".

(Place your mouse on/off the picture to see the before/now scenes)

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