Devonshire Square 1907 , Runcorn

Devonshire Square 1907

This is the view in 1907 to someone just coming down Greenway Road and over the Bridgewater canal by way of "Doctor's Bridge". Here High Street runs from left to right at the crossroads and Devonshire Square (or Devonshire Place) lies straight on. (It was more of a triangular shape that square!). The Masonic Hotel is the yellow brick half-seen building in the square. Notice that in the intervening years it has lost its top floor! Devonshire Square was lined with shops at this time. Bridgewater Street carries on down towards Church Street. The spire of the Parish Church can be seen rising over the houses with the transporter bridge also visible. Today the scene can still be recognised but the new town changes caused the destruction of many of the businesses in the square. The Transporter bridge has gone and the Jubilee bridge takes its place.

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