Some pictures of the building of the new "MerseyGateway" bridge over the Mersey between Runcorn and Widnes.     Opened to traffic at midnight, 13/11/2017

The Runcorn side in October 2014

The Widnes side in October 2014

The Runcorn side in February 2015

The Widnes side in February 2015

The Runcorn side in April 2015

The Widnes side in April 2015

The Central cofferdam placement in June 2015

A view of all three cofferdams June 2015. The access road connecting them is complete. The Runcorn side shows commencement of the large tower crane.

road supports
road widening

Sept 2015 The supports for the elevated roadway on the Runcorn side progress. Much evidence of road widening appearing,too.







October 2015. Three tall cranes now tower above the 3 cofferdams. The erection of the main bridge supports has started on the Widnes and Runcorn sides.







January 2016. The main central support begins to rise up.

Runcorn Tower






February 2016. These views from the Widnes side of the river. The blue structures seen at the base of the towers are part of the moveable road forming moulds ("Form travellers"). These will be lifted up to the level of the road bridge and will mould the roadway in sections, sliding out on each side of the supports until the concrete spans the river.

All towers viewed from Widnes side.
Road maker at Widnes

February 2016. The river crossing construction viewed from the Widnes side of the river.


February 2016 View of the moveable concrete road builder after first concrete pouring. The movable concrete mould has been moved on to the next road support columns (already made).

Bridge from Halton Castle

March 2016.     Whole bridge viewed from Halton Castle

Bridge concrete road builder

The "Form traveller" at the Runcorn support

Runcorn connection point

The new road from the bridge at Runcorn, it will join the central expressway here

Road supports, Runcorn

The road supports at Runcorn, viewed from Halton Castle. (same "yellow" crane as in the photo above, right)

Form traveller Runcorn
Form traveller raised - Runcorn

What a difference a day makes! Left hand (or top) photo taken on 7th April 2016, and the right hand (or bottom) one on the 8th April. The "form traveller" which will construct the bridge roadway at Runcorn, has been raised into place.

Central June 2016

Widnes tower, with some concrete chutes visible. June 2016

Runcorn July 2016

July 2016.     Runcorn Support, July 2016

Central July 2016

Central support with some of the concrete road in place,and the central bridge tower starting to grow. July 2016

Widnes July 2016

Widnes support, July 2016

General view Aug. 2016
Crossing the MSC Aug 2016

General view of whole bridge in August 2016, from Runcorn side. The central support tower now climbing at a pace. At this time the heights of the cranes were Runcorn 146m (479ft), Central 82m (269ft, Widnes 129 m (423ft). The Runcorn and Widnes cranes had reached their max. height. The central had a bit more to go at that time

Preparing to bridge the Manchester Ship Canal, Aug 2016. The MSS (Moveable Scaffold System) being erected to build the road down toward the Runcorn side of the bridge.

General view Sept. 2016
Crossing the MSC Aug 2016

General view of whole bridge in Sept. 2016, from Runcorn side.

Preparing to bridge the Manchester Ship Canal, Sept 2016. The MSS (Moveable Scaffold System) viewed from the other side of the Aug. picture. More complete than the previous shot!

Widnes Oct 2016
Central Oct 2016
Runcorn Oct 2016

Widnes support from Runcorn side. Oct 2016. First extensions of the bridge road itself had been cast

Central Support Oct. 2016

Runcorn support Oct. 2016, again the first road extensions had been cast, but the first road tie supports were not yet evident.

MSC crossing
MSC Crossing
RuncornFirst cable support

The MSS being prepared to bridge the Manchester Ship Canal. Oct 2016

The MSS now across the Manchester Ship Canal, Nov.13,2016

Runcorn first cable support in place, Nov. 2nd, 2016

General view Nov 2016
Runcorn second cable support

General view of bridge, November 2016, from Runcorn side.

Runcorn second cable support in place, Nov 13th, 2016. The roadway begins to grow!

Widnes second support cable
Widnes 3rd cable Nov 19 2016
Runcorn third cable Nov 19 2016

Widnes second support cable.Nov 13th 2016

Widnes 3rd cable , Nov 19th 2016

Runcorn 3rd cables, Nov 19th. 2016

Attacked by a Guard Gull
Whole bridge Dec 2016

"Guard Gull" being trained to protect the bridge!! Gull only noticed when picture was being processed. Good timing by the gull.

Whole bridge in mid Dec. 2016. Viewed from Runcorn side. The roadways on the Widnes and Runcorn sides beginning to edge out from their supporting towers towards the river banks and the central tower.

Runcorn 6th cable Dec 2016
Central support Dec 2016
Widnes 5th cable Dec. 2016

Widnes 6th support cable, Dec 12th. 2016

Central tower , Dec 12th 2016. Not much appeared to be happening!

Runcorn 6th support cable, Dec 12th 2016

Bridge Jan' 2017

The whole bridge, Jan.9th. 2017. Widnes on left, Runcorn on right.

Runcorn Feb 5 2017
Widnes and Central spans Feb 5 2017
Widnes Feb 5 2017

Runcorn Feb 5th 2017.

Widnes and Central towers , Feb 5th 2017. The central tower supports now appearing.

Widnes tower, Feb 5th. The form traveller which had been erecting the concrete road on the bank has now finished its work.

Whole bridge on Feb 5th 2017
A different view of bridge Feb 5 2017

The whole bridge, Feb. 5th 2017. Widnes on left, Runcorn on right.

A different view of the whole bridge, Feb 5 2017

From Halton Castle
Runcorn side arms being castConstruction personnel

Viewed from Halton Castle, Mar. 9th 2017

Runcorn side arms being added, and just to prove people were involved! Mar 9th. 2017

July 2017

July 1st. 2017. Runcorn and Widnes roads now connected to bridge, but central portion still "free". Central support now completed and crane had been lowered and was being dismantled.

Last Runcorn Cable
One of the Tower lifts

The last Runcorn cable being installed.
Looking towards Widnes.

One of the external tower lifts in action.
(Photos by kind permission of Mr.C.Pendlebury)

Widnes Crane
Runcorn support
Runcorn scaffolding removal

Aug 5th. 2017. Widnes crane being dismantled

Aug 8th. Runcorn, before scaffold removal

Aug 10th Runcorn scaffolding removal in hand

From Halton Castle Aug 2017

Whole bridge. Getting there! Aug 10th 2017. What a difference in last 9 months!

Runcorn Crane
Runcorn crane half down
Runcorn Crane gone

Aug 16th. 2017. Runcorn crane being lowered

Aug 17th. Runcorn crane halfway down

Aug 23rd. Runcorn crane dismantled

few days before opening

Sept 15th 2017. A month before opening. Last works in progress

Open at Last!

Oct 15th 2017. Opened at midnight on Friday 13th October 2017. Tidying up can now start!

The bridge was officially opened in June, 2018, by HM Queen Elizabeth II, accompanied by HRH the Duchess of Sussex.