In Chapter 4.2 I referred to the fact that Thomas Hazlehurst laid around 100 foundation stones of Wesleyan Methodist chapels and schools and that on each occasion he was presented with a commemorative silver trowel or mallet. Each of these was inscribed with details of the date and occasion. These objects appear to have disappeared. I am trying to discover where and when the foundation stones were laid and, if possible, to find a copy of the inscription. Below are the few details I have discovered to date.

If any reader is aware of any other foundation stone laid by Thomas Hazlehurst (it may be the stone of your own chapel) I should be grateful if you would send details via our "Can You Help Us?" link. The details I should like are: the name of the chapel or school; the date of the event; where the information was found (chapel history, newspaper, etc.); and, if possible, the wording of the inscription.

1860 May 1 Ditton Warrington Guardian, 5 May 1860
July 5 Penketh Methodist chapel Web site
Warrington Guardian, 7 July 1860
'Presented to Thomas Hazlehurst, Esq. by the trustees on the occasion of his laying the foundation stone of a new Wesleyan chapel at Penketh, July 5th MDC'.
1864 May 25 Knutsford Methodist chapel Web site
July 12 Runcorn St Paul's
1865 April 18 Whiston Methodist chapel Web site
1867 May 21 Widnes Moss Bank Warrington Guardian, 25 May 1867
1869 May 6th Runcorn Halton Road Warrington Guardian, 8 June 1869
'Presented to Thomas Hazlehurst, Esq. on his laying the first foundation stone of the Wesleyan chapel, Halton Road, Runcorn (to be erected at his own cost) by a few friends in the Runcorn circuit.'
1870 Sept 8 Kingsley Hurst (73) Northwich & Winsford Guardian
10 September 1870 - quoted in CRO EMS 200/5309/1
Sept (later) Bolton Bridge St (74) A/A
1871 July 5 Widnes Albert Road Runcorn Guardian, 8 July 1871
Aug 19 Golborne Runcorn Guardian, 26 August 1871
'Presented to Thomas Hazlehurst, Esq., of Runcorn, by the trustees, on the occasion of his laving one of the memorial stones of the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Golborne, August 19th, 1871.'
1872 July 3 Chester Central Hall, City Road
Artingstall, George (Ed) The Methodist Central Hall, City Road, Chester: Gold and Silver Jubilee, 1873 - 1933 - 1958 (in CRO - no reference given)
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