From "The History of the House of Hazlehurst 1816-1916", pp. 6-7

Best Wax Tallow-Resin soap in bars
Tallow Crown "
Runcorn Crown "
Skin Brown bar soap (in tablet form from 1870)
Blue Mottled Tablet soap (from about 1870)
Acme complexion Milled toilet soap
Cashmere Toilet "
The Red Maid Household soap
Anchor Blue mottled soap
Old Brown Windsor Toilet soap
Protector Carbolic soap
Orange "
Infirmary "

From "The History of the House of Hazlehurst 1816-1916", p. 33

Blue Mottled Brown Mottled X Pale
Double X Pale Best Wax Diamond Pale

From "The History of the House of Hazlehurst 1816-1916", pp. 38-48

"Acme" Toilet Dainties
Acme Toilet Soap Acme Shaving Stick Acme Face Cream
Acme Face Powder Acme Talcum Powder Acme Tooth Powder
Acme Toilet Water Acme Floral Extract Acme Shampoo Powder
Acme Glycerine Acme Sachet Acme Bath Soap
Acme Lotion, for Hair and Scalp

Bar soaps
Tower Pale Tower Brown Tower Mottled
Engine Pale Engine Brown Engine Blue Mottled
Anchor Pale Anchor Brown

Tablet soaps
Red MaidMarigold Golden Strand
Tower Balloon Plover
Spring (white floating soap)

Carbolic and Disinfectant soaps
Red Maid Marigold Pink Carbolic

Soft Soaps (in tins)
Marigold Cable

Toilet Soaps
Lavender Pearl English Rose Parma Violet
Cashmere Bouquet Summer Good Day

Acme Anchor Tower Balloon

Red Maid (aerated) Anchor Engine (aerated) Antelope (aerated)

Eau de Cologne
Supplied in bottles of various sizes.

From "Starkey, Old Runcorn", p. 158

HonestMarvel Washer Crown
Anchor Bouquet Pearl
Marigold Skylark Balloon
Engine Tower Antelope

Taken from an Indenture dated 26 January 1912 when Hazlehurst & Sons was sold to Lever Brothers 1

Trade Marks and Brands in force in Britain:

Three Stag Device; Marigold Device; Hazlehurst's Wax; Hazlehurst's Pearl; Hazlehurst's Lavender; Sun and Diamond Pale; Crown and Best Wax; Sun and Signature; Cashmere Label; Acme; The Cheshire Soap Co's; Champion Cleansing Soap; Marvel Washer; Marvel Cleanser; Sun and Star Device; Pearl; Sun Label; Marigold; Cowslip; Hazlehurst's Cashmere Soap; Hazlehurst's Lavender Sop; Hazlehurst's Best Wax Soap; Flower Device Medicated Soap; Hazlehurst's Marvel Soap; The Cheshire Soap Co's Soap; Check Pattern Paraffine (sic); Skylark; Rattling Cleaner; Aphrodite; Midnight; Money Bag; Redbreast; Red Maid Label; Early Rise; Golden Strand; Cashmere Carton; Hazlehurst's Sun Label; Rowlock and Device; Nic-Nack; Town Crier; Knick-Knack; Pleasure Trip; Protector; Bowsprit; Pride o' the Hills; Semiramis; Protector Label

Foreign Trade Marks:

Liberty Soap and Liberty Statue in Germany
Sun in India, France, Canada, Belgium, Egypt, Transvaal, Cape Colony, Trinidad.
Diamond Pale in Spain
Hazlehurst's Sun Soap in Belgium

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