Fortified Towns and new Burhs in Mercia

Important Sites in Ethelfleda's time

They created or strengthened towns in Mercia such as Worcester, Hereford, Gloucester and Shrewsbury. Mercia had to guard its Welsh border as well as the boundary with the Danelaw. A charter which details the foundation of the burh at Worcester, a former Roman settlement which was fortified by Ethelred and Ethelfleda during the reign of King Alfred, clearly states that it was founded to "shelter all the people". Following the death of Alfred in 900, his son Edward had to fight other contenders for the succession before he could think about expanding his kingdom, but knew he could rely on the support of his sister Ethelfleda in Mercia. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle for 907 states that Chester was restored. Ethelfleda was responsible for transforming a little ruined town into a burh by repairing the Roman walled circuit and encouraging trade and crafts

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