St. Paul's, Methodist Chapel

High Street, Runcorn

This magnificent chapel was built on higher ground in High Street on land given by Thomas and Charles Hazlehurst. The foundation stone was laid on 12" July, 1864 and the building was opened for Services on 13th November, 1866.

It was the largest Methodist Chapel in the Liverpool District and the cost, £8,000, was met entirely by Thomas Hazlehurst.

In style it was broad Italianate with a colonnaded stone façade, balconies and towers surmounted by domes. St. Paul's was one of the few buildings of distinction in Runcorn. It had perfect acoustics and was frequently used for concerts and, having a powerful organ, for recitals.

It was illuminated by gas chandeliers suspended from an elegant panelled ceiling. The front of the gallery contained elaborate scroll work in white and gold on a purple background giving a very rich appearance.

Sadly it was demolished in 1969 as no alternative use could be found for in the context of the redevelopment as part of the plans of the New Town Development Corporation. The site is now used for the St. Paul's Health Centre so that at least the name lives on if not the building. Only the front railings and steps survived

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