St. Edward R.C.

Irwell Lane, Runcorn

This building was opened on 9th September, 1888 to replace the one in Windmill Street which was then devoted entirely to the needs of St. Edward's Elementary School.

The new building was built of corrugated iron and cost £724. This building was intended as a temporary expedient but remained until finally being replaced by the building in Ivy Street in 1956.

The leaking roof , being in constant and urgent need of repair, was the cause of an appeal in 1926 which raised £600 in twelve weeks and reconstruction took place in 1927 when the iron cladding was replaced with asbestos tiles and sheets.

On 27th December, 1945 the Chancel was completely destroyed by fire and until restoration could take place Services were held in the adjacent clubroom, the school and the Citadel.

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