St. Edward R.C.

Windmill Street, Runcorn

The first resident Catholic priest in Runcorn, the Rev. Edmund Carter, held Mass in a house in Irwell Lane and then in his own house - Stenhill House - and later in a hay loft and reputedly in the Egerton Arms. His successor, the Rev. Gerald Ward, built the first Church in Windmill Street in 1846.

The building was constructed of stone from the quarries at what is now Rock Park. It was in the Neo Gothic style with a slender spire. There was a large east window with painted glass and the interior walls were whitewashed. The floors were made of large red and black quarry tiles, and the building was lit by gas.

On 8th July, 1866 a school was established in the upper room of the Church and as the number of pupils increased, more of the Church and school was taken over for educational purposes.

By 1880 it was obvious that the congregation would need to abandon the building to school use and on 2nd. September, 1888 the congregation moved to the new building in Irwell Lane and the former Church became St. Edward's Elementary School where it was to remain until removal to new premises in 1980 following which the old Church/School building was demolished.

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