Postcard Top locks, Runcorn

Bridgewater Canal top locks basin at Runcorn

Another old view of the top locks basin at Runcorn. Several narrow-boats and a barge can be seen. The tall building on the right of the card is the back of the "Empress" cinema which was demolished as part of the road schemes for the Runcorn New Town. In fact all the buildings shown here on the right side of the canal have disappeared. The road on the left leads on to the High Street. The Jubilee bridge had not been built, so here is a clear view of "Doctor's Bridge" over the Bridgewater Canal. Beyond the bridge can be seen the buildings of the Camden Tannery, now (2015) occupied by a car park and the Brindley Theatre. On the left, the first building was the Waterloo Hotel, now a Wat Phra Sing Buddhist Temple. The next building along is now a funeral parlour. The next larger building and its smaller white neighbour have gone. (The original Jubilee Bridge road runs through there now, with a car park underneath), and the next tall building is now the "Bridge View".

The reverse side of this postcard had not been used, and is not displayed