Some postcards of the Runcorn Railway Bridge, ("Ethelfleda Bridge")

All of these photos were taken from the Widnes side of the Mersey.

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This bridge was built to connect Liverpool and London by shortening the journey which before entailed a change of train at Warrington. The bridge has the Arms of London being shown on the Runcorn support side of the bridge, the figure of Britannia on the central support and the Arms of Liverpool on the Widnes side. The Runcorn pier of the bridge is probably built on the site of Ethelflda's fort which she built at Runcorn in 915 AD to guard the northern borders of Anglo-Saxon Mercia against the Vikings. The bridge is 150 years old and its girders have never needed to be renewed. Opened in 1868. Each span between the piers is 93m (305ft).

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