The Runcorn-Widnes Transporter Bridge, 1905-1961

Designed by John Webster.

Operated by the Widnes Corporation. This photo is in its early years of operation, taken from the Widnes side of the Mersey.

The sea wall seen on the opposite Runcorn side separates the River Mersey from the Manchester Ship Canal.

The original car is seen hanging by cables from the electric powered trolley. The conical black building
nestling in the base of the nearest tower was the original power source. Some years later this was replaced by
a cable/wheel system which can be seen on other pictures.

Closed and dismantled after the Silver Jubilee Bridge was opened in 1961. (This new bridge was built between the two bridges seen here)

In its time, was the longest span, at 1000ft (305m), continuously operating Transporter Bridge in the world.
The longest ever was the Sky Ride built for the 1933 Exhibition in Chicago, but this was a for passengers only and was dismantled after the Exhibition closed.

There are several Transporter Bridges still in operation in the world, with 3 in the UK at Middlesbrough, Newport, and Warrington.

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