The resource includes references to Runcorn and the Townships of Acton Grange, Aston, Aston Grange, Daresbury, Halton, Keckwick, Moore, Norton, Preston Brook and on the Hill, Sutton and Weston (including Weston Point). If anyone knows of any other books or Society journals not listed here please advise our Archivist with details and copy of relevant extracts. There are 500 books and 289 Journal entries listed. Books and Journals are known as ‘Secondary Sources’ and the information needs careful checking. BOOKS Details are given of the author(s), publishers, publication year the pages on which references can be found and the subjects mentioned. **** indicates information not known.

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List of canal Tolls, Directors, Principal Officers, Details of Ship Canal, dock and wharf accommodation, and ship’s dues. 1923
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Ellesmere Lodge. 1901
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Eddisbury – 7 pages; Weaver Vale 2 pages; Halton 4 pages; Warrington South 6 pages
Parliamentary Constituencies 2004
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Tokens and Commemorative Medals of Cheshire 1989
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Details of prominent people. 1935
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Railway bridge, Sutton Weaver viaduct 2003
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Education, Library, Statistics, Halton Grammar. 1890
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