1. Norton Priory

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Published by Cambridge University Press, 1989
This book is by Dr.J.P Greene, who was the Director of the excavation and the first museum Director at Norton, from 1971 until 1982. It was the first definitive book on the excavation and the interpretation of the site. It also contains a very full bibliography on Monasticism and other Monastic Sites. (167 pages)

2. Norton Priory

Norton Priory: Monastery to Museum
   Excavations 1970-87
Published by Oxford Archaeology North, 2008
This book is by Fraser Brown and Christine Howard-Davis. It is a definitive reappraisal of the excavation, interpretation of the site and the excavated"finds". A very extensive bibliography is included. (473 pages)

3.Norton Priory Museum Publications

Available from the museum. See the link to the norton Priory Museum Web page

4. Medieval Monasteries

Published by Leicester University Press
Another excellent book by Dr.Greene. Covers the whole sphere of monastic buildings and life in Medieval Britain. It is not site specific. Again, contains a full bibliography itself.

5.Monastic and Collegiate Cheshire

Published by Merlin Books, Ltd
This excellent book by Roland Morant provides an overview of the incidence and history of monastic and similar houses within pre-1974 Cheshire.

6. Discovering Abbeys and Priories

Published by Shire Publications Ltd. 1998 ISBN 0-7478-0245-9
An excellent little book by Geoffrey N.Wright. Contains information on Monastic life, and the various Monastic Orders, as well as descriptions of some 200 Monastic sites in Britain. Well illustrated, and small enough to be used as a pocket reference, and definitely in print at present!

7. The Explorers Guide to the Abbeys,Monasteries and Churches of Great Britain

Published by Avenel Books,New York, 1984
This is an excellent little book by Frank Bottomly which can almost be described as a 'Dictionary of Monasticism'. It is a Glossary of all the major aspects of Abbeys,etc.- buildings and their use, officials and customs, work and prayer, and terminology. It also contains a gazeteer of all the Monastic sites in Great Britain. Might not still be in print, however.

8. Schooner Port

Published by GW & A Hesketh
For anyone interested in the growth and decline of shipbuilding in the Runcorn area, and in the trade which grew up around the waterways of Runcorn, including the Bridgewater Canal and the Manchester Ship Canal, this is an excellent book by Bert Starkey. Mr. Starkey was a local historian who built up a wealth of information about the history of Runcorn right up to the present times.

9. Old Runcorn

Published by Halton Borough Council
Another book by Mr. Bert Starkey. This book covers the history of Runcorn and its surrounding villages, with many old photographs and illustrations and a very extensive bibliography. I would say that it is the definitive history of the town. Return to Norton Priory webpages menu

10. A History of Runcorn

Written by Charles Nickson and published in 1887. This was the first attempt to write the history of Runcorn and has now been superceded by Mr. Starkey's book. However it gives a glimpse of the Runcorn of over 100 years ago. There is a copy in the reference section of the Halton Lea library in Runcorn.

This book, together with Bert Starkey's History of Runcorn, plus earlier publications by Greswell(1804) and Fowler(1834) on Runcorn history; and excerpts from Ormerod's "History of Cheshire", have been published on a CD by the Runcorn & District Historical Society. "Click" here for details

11. Bridging the Years-the story of the Runcorn-Widnes Transporter Bridge

Written by local historian Dave Thompson, this excellent little book is full of photographs and facts about the bridge, and many people associated with it over the years. A 'must' for nostalgia!. Mr Thompson has also written similar books about the old Runcorn quarries and all the three bridges over the Mersey.

12. Iron Clipper "Tayleur" - the White Star Line's 'First Titanic'

(Avid Publications ISBN: 1 902964 00 4)
Although Warrington history, this fascinating book by Bert Starkey is the tragic story of the "Tayleur", a
2000 Te. iron vessel built at Warrington, the largest vessel ever built so far up the Mersey. Built for the emmigrant trade to Australia, she foundered off Ireland on her maiden voyage out of Liverpool in 1854. Some 300 souls were lost. Mr.Starkey points out the coincidences between this loss and that of a much more famous White Star liner, also on her maiden voyage, when she encountered an iceberg in mid-Atlantic 60 years after the "Tayleur" disaster.

For books on Runcorn local history which are in print, including those by Mr Starkey and Mr. Thompson,
try -- The Curiosity Bookshop -- in Runcorn.
They can also obtain any other books for you, many within 24 hrs.,if not in stock.

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