Docks Postcard 6, the Old Quay Canal

Old Quay Canal 1904, Runcorn

These docks and locks, at the bottom of Irwell Lane, Runcorn, disappeared in the 1890's when the Manchester Ship Canal ploughed straight through them. The "Old Quay Canal" ("Mersey and Irwell Navigation") connected the Mersey at Runcorn to the Mersey beyond Warrington where it had been canalised and was no longer tidal there. It was a rival to the Bridgewater Canal. A few traces of the Runcorn end of Old Quay canal remain at Runcorn but a better idea of its width can be gleaned at the Moore Nature Reserve a few miles away, which uses the old canal bed. Although this card was sent in 1904, this scene had disappeared several years previously, as is commented on by the sender of this postcard!


The message reads:-

43 Waterloo Road, Runcorn
August 31st 1904
Dear Cecil.
We expect to leave Runcorn today. Hope to see you soon. This photo was taken many years ago, in fact before my time. Now there is no such place.
Yours etc. C.A.Deakin