RDHS Sales Table items (11.8.20)

The following table lists the documents,pamphlets photos etc. being ofered for sale by the Society.

A contribution of 60p per item for postage and packing would be appreciated.

Please send your order to our Archivist:-

Mr. C.A. Cowan
29 Maryhill Road
Cheshire       WA7 4SN

No. of copies available Item Name Cost each, £
3RHP 3 Early Local Government2.00
4HRP 4 Chesshyre Iibrary at Halton1.00
5Chimney Stacks and Penny Blacks3.00
7The Alcocks of Runcorn1.50
8Private Schools in Runcorn2.00
9The Weston (Runcorn) Church League of Health and Manliness1.50
8Descriptions and Memories of Runcorn3.00
5A History of The Roman Catholic Church in Runcorn2.00
4Weston Historical Notes and Walk2.00
3Notes of the history of Clifton (Rocksavage)2.00
8St John, Weston - Brief history and tour around church3.00
4Temperance in Victorian Runcorn & Widnes1.50
4A History of Halton Castle and its Court Leet2.00
5The Story of William Shaw, Runcorn Missioner1.50
2Cheshire Magna Carta4.00
3Shipyards of the Upper Mersey8.00
2Memory Lane3.00
1Runcorn in old picturee Postcards 5.00
1The Old Photographs series -- Runcorn5.00
1Runcova II2.00
6Calendar 20101.00
1H.B.C. Runcorn History Trail2.00
2H.B.C. Runcorn Shopping 18881.50
1H.B.C. Runcorn Town Hall1.50
1RHP RHP 6 Handley2.50
1807” x 5” photos each at
Consisting of:-

Multi-bridges 5
Railway Bridge 20
Transporter bridge 52
Silver Jubilee bridge 63
Library 16
Halton Village 7
Weston 4
Miscellaneous 13

60Postcards at (each)
Consisting of :-

Runcorn various 41
Miscellaneous 19

2Framed Photographs
Consisting of :-

Looking up Bridge towards Market Hall size 15" x 12"                                      £12.00
Junction High St./Church St./Bridge St. with Hobby Shop size 11.52 x 9.5        £10.00

1Bostock, Chivalry in Cheshire3.00
1Burford, Merseyside – An Industrial & Commercial Review2.50
1Chapman, A Plan for Cheshire6.00
1Cheshire C.C., Policy for Rural Cheshire1.00
1Cheshire C.C., Registration in Cheshire1.00
1DEA The North West – Regional Study3.00
1Langston Cheshire Parish registers1.00
1History of St. Laurence Church, Frodsham2.00
1The Queensway Tunnel1.00
1Runcorn – Widnes Bridge Bill 1954-553.50
2Booklet , Mersey Bridges (2copies)2.00
2RNT Information brochure (2 copies)1.50
2RNT Leaflet Information(2 copies)0.50
1Booklet History of Holy Trinity, Castle, Northwich1.00
1Booklet, Frodsham and the Railway1.50
1Booklet, Widnes Board of Health 1865 –18921.50
1Typescript, Farnworth Bridewel l 1.00
1Booklet, Hale Cliff Wharf1.00
1Extract, Robert Molyneaux of Hale1.00
1Brochure, Widnes Soap & Alkali Co. Ltd 1933-541.50
1Booklet, Parish Church St. Wilfred, Grappenhall2.00
1Booklet, The Bridgewater Canal2.5 0
1Brochure, Weston Point Docks & Weaver1.50
1Leaflet, Runcorn Docks1.50
1Leaflet, Weston Point Docks1.50
1Booklet, Port of Manchester Tugs3.00
1Booklet, MSC Tugs – ‘Ulex’ & ‘Undine’1.50
1Programme , Castner Kellner ADS production Feb. 19401.00
1Brochure, WW1 Unveiling TA Jones statue1.00
1Leaflet, Town & Country Walks Daresbury, Moore & Preston Brook0.50
1Leaflet, Town & Country Walks Moore Nature Reserve0.50
1Menu, Highfield Tanning Co. Jubilee Lunch 19381.00
1Leaflet, Reprint Shoe & Leather News 1963 – Posnett0.50
1Leaflet, Reprint Industrial World – Garston Tannery0.50
1Booklet & CD, Wiggsters Reunited1.50
1Monograph , Castner Kellner & the Electrolysis of Brine1.00
1Brochure, St. Mary’s, Halton, Guide & History1.00
2Brochure, Brief History of Holy Trinity0.50
2Booklet Holy Trinity Centenary Souvenir 19381.00
1Calendar, Holy Trinity Centenary 19381.50
1Booklet , 50 Years in the Western Ocean (Manchester Liners)0.50
1Programme , Port of Manchester Dinner Dance 5.3.19710.50
2Leaflet, St. Michael’s & Seafarers 0.50
1Leaflet, Norton Priory Walled Garden0.50
1Leaflet, Norton Priory events 20130.50
1Leaflet , Norton Priory Inspiration year round0.50
1Leaflet , Cheshire Archaeological News Spring 20000.50
2Booklet, Holy Trinity Brief History 1838-20131.00
1Leaflet, Holy Trinity 175th Anniversary Service0.50
1Booklet , Bridgewater Canal Guide1.50
1Photocopy, Prog. Brunswick Sunday School Bazaar 4.19241.00
1Leaflet, Bridgewater Canal Trust Connecting Communities With History0.50
1Drawing, Bridgewater Canal Narrow Boat1.00
1Booklet, All Saints Daresbury1.00
1Booklet, Visitors Guide All Saints Runcorn1.00
2Booklet, Runcorn Parish Church Centenary celebrations 1.1949 1.00
1Leaflet, Newsletter St. Mary, Halton Past Times edition0.50
1Bill , Manchester Ship Canal 4.2.1960 Petition Widnes Corporation1.00
1Bill , Manchester Ship Canal 1955-56 Cheshire County Council1.00
1Bill , Manchester Ship Canal 1959-60 Cheshire County Council1.00
1Bill , Manchester Ship Canal 1959-60 Extracts MSC Acts.1.00
1Programme ,St. John, Weston Golden Jubilee 5.19481.00
1Programme, St. John Weston, Induction Rev. Cartwright 19631.00
2Leaflet, St. John’s Weston Church Hall building0.50
1Photocopy, St. John’s Weston Parish Magazine March 19621.00
2Programme , UNA Runcorn Annual Festival0.50